How it Works

Our Local Farmers

Grow amazing vegetables and raise healthy meat, eggs, and dairy products.

We also work with talented food artisans who produce everything from sauerkraut to flour.

Thanks to hoop house technology and freezer and cold storage we are able to use local ingredients year round!

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Our Fabulous Chefs

Prepare delicious ready-to-go meals handcrafted with care just for you.

Each week we make a unique menu of rotating dishes highlighting the freshest seasonal ingredients from our local farms.

Additionally, we have a menu of perennially popular Signature Dishes (still made with local ingredients) which are available every week.


You Enjoy

All the convenience of ready-to-go combined with the amazing freshness and flavors of seasonal local ingredients.

You support our local food ecosystem and local economy with every meal.

Meals are available for you to pick up from our store or farmers market stand.  Alternatively you can place an order for home delivery.

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Harvest Kitchen


Mon – 11 -7.30 pm
Tues – 11-7.30 pm
Weds – 11-7.30 pm
Thurs – 11-7.30 pm
Fri – 11-7.30 pm
Sat – 11-6 pm

Ann Arbor Farmers Market

Wed – 7 am - 3 pm
Sat - 7 am - 3 pm

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