Become a Subscriber

Want to get a variety of different dishes every week? Want to eat seasonally? Want convenience? Want to save money? A Harvest Kitchen subscription may be right for you!

Our subscribers visit the Harvest Kitchen (or our stall at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market) once a week and pick up your ready-to-go meals to eat throughout the week.  Home or office delivery is also available to subscribers.  Read about it on our delivery page.

Set your own schedule with Weekly Subscriptions or sign up for six months at once (AND SAVE!) with a Seasonal Subscription. Students may be interested in a Back to School subscription.

We’ve got subscription options to suit everyone–Choose between delicious omnivore and vegetarian meals and pick your share size (just how hungry are you?).  We can even accommodate some allergies and dietary restrictions, including offering a vegan option for those avoiding animal products.

Becoming a subscriber is the best way to ensure a complete Harvest Kitchen menu every week. Sign up  by completing the paperwork  and mailing it in with a check. You can also stop by the storefront or our stall at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market to try a sample meal and turn in your paperwork in person.

Sorry, online registration and payment not available at this time.

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